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Himalayan Salt is a fascinating element with illuminating, tasty and beneficial uses everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

Those who have tried any form of this delightful, ancient mineral are immediately taken with it, eager to experience the other forms of Himalayan Salt, and convinced of its ability to enhance their daily routine.
Experience for yourself the sensational flavor Himalayan Salt  infuses into every dish it is used in, its’ natural, earthy beauty as a home décor and lighting feature, or indulge in its natural healing and cleansing abilities, and discover how the salt can be used to enhance many aspects of daily life.

Quality Himalayan Salt Products:

We are proud to offer a full line of quality Himalayan Salt Products!  We have been fortunate to have secured distribution rights for what we believe to be the highest quality Himalayan Salt available on the market. Our products are made from the finest imported Organic Himalayan Salt, mined from deep below the surface resulting in purer, mineral rich products with vibrant colors in deep pinks, peaches and reds.